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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Look at a Considered, but Rejected Cover for MTS

Here's another cover mock-up I had done prior to publishing "My Three Suicides." I showed it to a number of people (let's be honest: The waitresses at my favorite restaurant) and it was highly favored. Came in second or third I think. I gave a little talk about the book at the Lovett Library in Mt. Airy last night and had a good time. I think the audience did too. Part of the "Write Down Your Life Program" being promoted by Barbara Scherf of Wyndmoor, PA. Hi to everyone. Thanks for your good wishes.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Part One of "My Three Suicides" Given Separate Kindle Publication

Don't understand why I don't just stop and fall into a rocking chair. But I just published on Kindle (only) a separate edition of just Part One of "My Three Suicides." Even though it's non-fiction, it stands alone as the equivalent of a long short story or a novelette. It covers that very formative period of a boy's life from 3 to 13-years-old. Theme of the section: This is what happens to a boy who believes everything grownups tell him. Title: "What Music We Heard." The story concludes with an attempt to get to heaven, using a trolley car in an unorthodox way. Stay Creative friends. Your turn may be next.