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Monday, February 11, 2013

Contentedly floating amidst the clouds

Monday, Feb 11. The news is: my book may not be ready in time for my book launch. 

What would Mr. Piggie say? ............  Maybe: "Keep flying, friend...if I could sprout wings, you can too." 

Hmmmm. I tend not to believe such inspirational BS, but who am I to doubt the word of a flying pig? He seems to like life in the purple clouds. The Pig Still Aspires to Flight! 

I had hoped that the proof of my book would be available today, but CreateSpace, my publisher, says noooo....They "promise" I can download the digital proof tomorrow and supposedly I could then order copies for my Feb 22 Book Launch. But nooooooo, again. Another 1 or 2 days they say after tomorrow. That puts me at the 14th, maybe to order that copies be printed and shipped to arrive by the day of my launch. It might be a tetch embarrassing to show up to my book signing with no books to sign.

.............. Please, let's not tell Mr. Piggie those clouds look like bubble wrap, okay?

Sunday, February 10. Another day closer to my book launch. The worry screws tighten. If the publisher does not come through with copies of my book in time, I shall Xerox them if I have to....In the meantime, I've been trying to use FB (how quickly I've learned to say "FB" instead of FaceBook! I'm a genius!), as so many people have told me I must, to let the world know my new book is coming....now that I'm in it, I'm sorry I didn't start years ago: why I'd have 1, 233, 699 close friends who’d buy my book!...ah, well, I shall be like the little acorn that grew up to be a mighty oak (that stood in the way of a new housing project and got bulldozed when it stood a mere 60-feet tall). Today, Sunday the 10th is two days away from when the publisher says my final Proof will be ready. If all's okay, I can order copies for my reading on the 22nd. .........