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Scenes from a Bookshop

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SCENES FROM A BOOKSHOP is a touching and memorable collection of short stories set in a used & rare book shop in Philadelphia. Brian, the forty-year-old manager gets sent to people's homes to buy books. On one house call he suffers from guilt as he dismantles an old man's library while the man sits and watches him. Back in the shop, he gets a phone call from an abrupt man who's in a hurry to find a book called, Sexual Astrology. On another call, a beautiful "Character Actress" involves him in her family drama. Later he meets a charming widow whose husband figures in, "Bipolar's what they call it nowadays." In "Chad and Billy Climb to Heaven," he climbs up a broken stepladder into an attic of broken dreams. In "Bags for the Big Bang," a library representing the big bang theory of the universe arrives at the shop in plastic trash bags. In the final story, he's "Trapped in a Bookshop" at night by a maniac who's raiding the Free Books bin outside. And all the while Brian meets and dreams of the beautiful "poetry lady" who asked him to find a book for her.

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