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Meeting Loren Eiseley: My Young Life Changed

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                                                    A Remembrance of Loren Eiseley

A memoir of how a young man's life was changed
because he dared to reach out to one of his heroes
and make contact with him.

 I had the very good luck of meeting the famous nature writer and philosopher Loren Eiseley when I was a young high school teacher. I loved Eiseley's writings and started using a few of his books, especially “The Immense Journey,” with my literature classes. They enjoyed him so much they demanded that I invite him to visit their class and talk to them in person.

For a while I resisted, not wanting to bother such an esteemed and busy man. Eventually, through a very strange happenstance, I was moved to write to our "favorite author." He wrote back, he came to meet the class, he and I went to lunch afterward, and my life has never been the same since.

With Loren Eiseley's encouragement, and support, I quit high school teaching, entered the graduate program in anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, and wound up studying wild baboons in Kenya, East Africa.

More importantly, I had the once-in-a-lifetime blissful experience of being
graced by the kind and brilliant Loren Eiseley.

Length: 7500 words (about 25 pages). Personal memoir.

It is available only in ebook format.